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Creating scrolling credits in iMovie is not difficult but it can quickly become a tedious and creativity-stifling experience. And the results can be pretty boring. One typeface, one style, one color — nothing to perk up what is already traditionally a ho-hum feature of most movies.

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But who says movie credits have to be boring?

With Rolling Credits, you can make typographically stunning — visually pleasing — completely unboring credits. You can freely mix fonts, sizes, colors, and create beautiful drop shadows for your titles. You can even embed graphics into your credits. It's easy and it's fun. And you probably already know how to use the basic tools in Rolling Credits.

Unleash your Creativity

Rolling Credits gives you the tools to create the highest quality scrolling credits with ease. Rolling Credits will automatically kern your type and let you hand kern for exquisite titles. You have fine control over line spacing and baseline shift. You can use simple tools to match your document's background color to imported graphics. All in a simple word-processing-like interface.

Yes! It's just like using a simple word processor!

EditorRolling Credits presents a window that has a familiar ruler for setting up tabs, line spacing and a pop-up menu to apply styles. It comes with some preset styles and it is really easy to add your own. Rolling Credits has a built-in Spelling Checker that lets you check spelling in batch mode, or while you type. You can add words to the spelling dictionary so they're not flagged. RollingCredits has a Find and Replace feature that can be very useful to reformat text, and, of course, find anything in your document.

Rolling Credits also has many keyboard shortcuts that speed up the formatting of text.

Rolling Credits now supports wide screen formats for NTSC and PAL and allows you to output movies in high-resolution QuickTime using the Sorenson codec.

Instant Gratification

PreviewRollingCredits has an instant preview mechanism that is activated by the "Preview" button. Pressing this will scroll your document at the current scroll speed setting. The Speed Slider is located just below the Preview button and can be changed on-the-fly so that you can get just the right speed for your credits. This is all done without the need for rendering the frames of your movie.

High Quality DV Output

When you are satisfied with your movie credits, you can use the Make Movie... menu item to produce a high quality DV movie that can be directly imported into iMovie.