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 RQS Products and Services
RQS is a leading edge provider of custom e-business application development and system integration services for small business. We have adapted successful big business tools and techniques to the small business market and deliver working, extremely high-value business software, on time and on budget.

Some of the things we do
RQS offers a wide range of products and services for small business. We plan and implement sophisticated Customer Relationship Management systems, develop and host websites and complex intranets, e-commerce solutions for business with modest needs, custom hardware/software integration, and secure image servers to help protect the intellectual property rights of artists.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    A small non-profit organization with 25 employees, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of interested contacts needs a way to manage complex interactions and maintain data integrity allowing staff to keep in touch with their vital resources. We helped them develop fundamental strategies to guide them well into the future and provided a powerful and flexible custom CRM application that can grow with them.
  • Website Concepts That Work
    A simple on-line slide show evolves into a new way to do business.
  • Secure Image Server
    Addressing the concerns of an artist who wants to present a quality representation of his work, but who is justifiably concerned about protecting his intellectual property rights.
  • Affordable Business Analysis
    Your business is growing fast and you need need to find ways to make all your business systems continue to work together.
The Technology
At RQS our goal is to provide the services that our customers need and our development efforts always take that into account. We don't use technology for its own sake — Flash™ just to be flashy — we use whatever technology is appropriate.

The Tools
We use tools that suit the job and whenever we can we try to use open source solutions. The most significant benefit to our customers is that there are usually no licensing fees for development tools or open source "off the shelf" solutions. That being said, we do not hesitate to use commercial products if that is what's required or is simply the best solution.

Some of the tools and technology we use.
  • Java/Visual Basic/REALBasic/AppleScript
  • Apache/Tomcat/JSP/PHP/JavaScript/WebStar/Websiphon/MSII
  • ObjectStore/MySQL/MS Access/FileMaker
  • Java/DBII on IBM AS/400
  • MS Windows (all flavours), Mac OS, Mac OS X, Linux

RQS has excellent working relationships with many companies in the software and marketing/graphics industry who frequently call on us to support their efforts. In return, we are very pleased to know that we can count on their expertise in support of our projects.

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